Blade Symphony update 1815

September 22, 2013 by Michael Zehnich

There’s a known issue with Linux dedicated servers right now which prevent them from starting up. We’re working on fixing it ASAP. Sorry!

Hey everyone! It’s been a short while since we’ve pushed out an update for Blade Symphony, but this update will prove to be worth the wait as you see what we’ve been hard at work on. This patch brings a new character to the cast of fighters, Pure, who is Blade Symphony’s first female character. She fights with a elegant and agile Chinese Wushu technique.


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Being that Pure is our first female character, she required a ton of groundwork to be done to set the stage for her arrival. An entire new animation rig needed to be created, and all of the “shared” animations (rolls, grabs, etc.) needed to be made from scratch for her. We’re not entirely finished with this process, and Pure currently can’t wallrun, bow or taunt, and has temporary animations for dying, sheathe and walking, but we’ll add those soon.

Also new in this version is an entirely overhauled system for handling game modes. To show off this system, we have “Hero mode” in FFA which can be voted on to be enabled on a server, along with a bunch of parameters to customize the gameplay. Expect more game modes soon.


Changelog for version #1815


  • Added a new character, Pure
    • Pure is a female Hotuken assassin
    • Her fighting style is based on the Chinese art of Wushu sword fighting
    • She has an air attack, 3 fast attacks, 3 balanced attacks, and 2 heavy attacks
  • Added Hero game mode to FFA
    • In hero mode, one player is the hero, and the other players are trying to bring him down
    • The hero deals more damage, and takes less damage
    • The hero will be denoted by his flaming sword
  • You can now vote to change game mode in FFA via the “Play Online” sub-menu
  • Added some knockback to parries
  • Movable attacks now have pinched velocity based on when the attack comes out
  • Updated and changed timings for judgement heavy left and right to feel faster and made them recover much faster
  • Added some stance-aware canceling so that heavy stances aren’t so dominated by canceling
  • Shortened window for intercept timing
  • When being grabbed, pressing grab will now break out of opponent’s hold
  • Swords:
    • Scimitar now interrupts again
    • Made scimitar victims interrupt half the normal amount
    • Scimitar now have full knockback again
    • Made longswords do 15% more interrupt time
  • Movement:
    • Lowering the distance moved a bit for rolls
    • Replacing dash with roll forward
    • Rolling move distance scale from 1.4 to 1.25
  • Kneeling state:
    • Reduced amount of locktime for kneeling recovery (0.75 -> 0.6)
    • Reduced locktime of kneeling attack (1.25 -> 1.0)
    • Increased damage for recovery attack (25 -> 30)
    • Made kneeling intercept the same intercept as Jian
  • Ryoku:
    • Updated ryoku air 1 so its much shorter
    • Updated ryoku air left and right so they don’t take over gravity as much
    • Updated ryoku fast left and right t2 so they travel more
    • Removed ryoku balanced 3
  • Judgement:
    • Slowed down heavy side attacks a bit for judgement
    • Added more lock time to heavy side attacks for judgement
  • Phalanx:
    • Recovery time for phalanx heavy left T1: 1.4->1.2 / T2: 1.8->1.4 / T3: 1.8->1.4
    • Recovery time for phalanx heavy right T1: 1.6->1.3 / T2: 1.8->1.3 / T3: 1.8->1.3



  • Community map updates – Added a bunch of storefronts, an art gallery, garden, storage room updated, misc. detailing
  • Walk animations updated
  • New Shuffle animations
  • New Parry upper body animations
  • Stumble animations updated
  • Added Ryoku stance icons
  • New roll forward and back animations for male and female
  • Samurai mask added for Judgement



  • New Foil heavy swing sounds
  • New Katana swing sounds


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being able to access a ledge in Temple Dojo
  • Fixed ragdoll limbs going through glass
  • Characters that are dying no longer block collision
  • Trees moved in Winter to prevent blocking player’s camera
  • Fixed wallrun exploit in Monastery cloister
  • Fixed wallrun bug in Monastery library