Screenshot Contest

April 6, 2014 by Jeffrey Wong

Hey everybody!

We are holding a screenshot contest over the next two weeks to gather some cool new shots of the latest state of the game. Those are going to be used for promotional purposes, e.g. we may use your best screenshots in our website, official announcements, or news posts — so make sure to max out your graphics settings when taking them!

If you submit the best screenshot, you will receive a cape in the next update of the game! Capes can’t be obtained through notes in-game, only during special events like this contest. You will get a new, unique cape, that no one else will have.

How to Enter
To submit your screenshot, click here, click on Upload your screenshot and choose the screenshot you want to upload. Everyone with a Steam account can sign in and vote for the existing screenshots. Only the screenshot with the most votes will receive the cape, but we will consider using all of your submissions for promotional uses!


  • Try to be original. Capture something that most people haven’t seen.
  • Make sure the screenshot is at least in 1024×768 resolution or higher. Screenshots should not be low-quality or low resolution.
  • Because these screenshots will be posted on our website, they need to be appropriate for a wide audience. Please avoid anything that might be considered offensive, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate, including but not limited to the list below:
    • Sexual content or references
    • Anything disparaging to a group of people in the real world
    • Smoking / drug use
    • Suicide
    • Areas that are off-limits or only accessible by means of an exploit
    • Graphical bugs
    • Profanity or otherwise questionable chat content onscreen

Graphics Tips
If your PC allows it, make sure to max out all settings in the graphics options. Also, check out the ambient occlusion and per pixel motion blur settings, maybe you can use them to make your screenshots look even better! Alternatively, there is a also a depth of field effect that you can turn on in the developer console. To do so, enable access to the console in the Controls menu, then press F10 to open it. Enter these commands to enable depth of field:
mat_dof_enabled 1
mat_dof_override 1
mat_dof_quality 2

Unfortunately, depth of field does currently not play nicely together with the ambient occlusion and per pixel motion blur effects, so you may have to decide for either one of them.


The submission deadline is Saturday, April 19th (in two weeks), the winner will receive the cape right in the next update that we will release. We are looking forward to see what epic battle scenes you can come up with and which scenic places you can find on our maps!

Patch 2453

April 2, 2014 by Flux

After long consideration on the matter, we’ve decided that adding guns to the game was a terrible idea.

Patch 2453

  • Removed guns.
  • Made changes better to support Source Mod
  • 2 vs 2 Servers actually start on 2 vs 2 game mode

Guns, Germs and Acquisitions

April 1, 2014 by Flux

Dear fellow gamers, today we have a huge and important announcement to make.

It’s been a humbling five years with Puny Human and with players in our community. We’ve learned so much, and grew together to form a tight crew. In the wake of the Facebook acquisition of Oculus, we thought to ourselves, what is natural next step in our own evolution?

Today, we are officially announcing our new partner and sponsor We always felt that sword fighting and indie band social network space mesh well together, like peanut butter and jelly. The acquisition went something like this:

Puny Human: “So we got this tactical sword-fighting game”

Myspace Tom: “I don’t see any guns in it.”

Puny Human: “Well.. it’s a sword-fighting game.”

Myspace Tom: “It really needs a gun. Something loud. Kids these days like Counter-Strike don’t they?”

Puny Human: “I’m not sure Tom..”

Puny Human 2: “YES WE HAVE GUNS”

To mark this special occasion, we are adding an ultra exclusive Arctic Warfare rifle.




New Weapon

This weapon is a slow-firing, one shot kill weapon, designed for beginners to the game. Our game balance team decided to make it cost a lot of notes in order to balance the game around this new weapon type. You can find it in the customization menu and unlock it by earning notes or using the like button to share the game with your social network. In the future, notes will be deprecated and replaced with likes and you will need to sign into Myspace to continue recording your stats.



Patch Notes 2447


  • Added a new weapon type: Guns
  • New weapon: Arctic Rifle, can be purchased for notes or likes on Myspace
  • One-shot kill type weapon with a slow reload


A lot of changes have been made to reduce the effects of juggling in this patch. Part of this goal is to make being hit in the air not such a drag, and make the recovery smoother.

  • Reduced stun time from being hit in the air from 0.5 to 0.4
  • applying increasing combo velocity per attack when player is hit in the air
  • slightly increased knockback value for players hit in the air
  • reduced movement scale for air stun animation
  • made air stun movement only apply to first 0.2s of its animation so the rest of the stun is taken over by gravity

There was also a lot of feedback from the players for knockdown. One cheesy play was Ryoku heavy left instantly on a downed player to get free damage. This isn’t so fun, so we made recovery much much faster.

  • Reduced recovery time from knockdown from 1.0 to 0.4


  • Changed tracer parrying so that heavy stance has increased volume for parry detection and fast stance has reduced volume for parry detection, making heavy more likely to get parried and fast stance slightly less so. This change is somewhat experimental, and the effects aren’t all that clear, but it’s worth a quick try.


  • Jian’s speed bonus no longer activate when the attack is blocked
  • Intercept now has a slight warmup time of 0.125s so now it’s window is between 0.125 to 0.4 seconds of the click
  • Removed blocking from input buffering so that intercept cannot re-trigger via input buffering


  • New Balanced String 1 Tier 3 rising attack

  • New Balanced String 3 Tier 3 whirlwind attack
  • Reduced fast left damage from 20 to 17
  • Fixed an issue preventing Air Forward T3 to be unusable


  • Increased knockback for air left and right from 50% to 100%


  • Reduced Balanced String 2 Tier 1 damage from 26 to 24

Hero Mode

  • Heroes can no longer be grabbed, interrupted, or knocked down from shurikens, and blocks all shurikens
  • Players now spawn nearest to the Hero upon respawning, similar to Private Duels


  • Fixed pitch not working with default config
  • Made 180 turn command use the direction that player was rotating with
  • New controller button panel and localization


  • New official Kendo Mask for Judgement

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Slight fixes to animation interpolation
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed stance switching to bypass string advancement
  • Fixed a camera issue causing ffa_community spectator cameras to look at the floor
  • Fixed animations breaking when changing characters while sitting
  • Acquired by Myspace


  • Monastery: improved brushes, fixed texture alignment issues, improved courtyard floor, fixed issues with ambient occlusion lighting on props and characters inside cloister

Valentines Patch 2391

February 14, 2014 by Flux

Muaa~ <3

Muaa~ <3

Happy Valentines Day!

We wish you a happy V-Day, fellow duel-nerds. A very special patch today, from the bottom of our hollow developer hearts.


  • Proper walk animation


  • Improved stumble animation
  • V-Day special moves
  • 5 New soundtracks by Tom Stoffel (see below)


  • Added a new training section to help players practice against constant fast stance attacks


  • Lots of improvements to ffa community
  • Added new soundscapes


New Music by Tom Stoffel

We liked his music so much we’ve contracted Tom to do 5 more combat tracks for us. Here’s one of them for you to check out!

You can leave him comments on his twitter

Feb 13th Scheduled Maintenance

February 11, 2014 by Flux

Update: Server move is complete.  Website and stats system are back online.  Thanks for your patience.


Our servers are going to be down for several hours this weekend whilst we move to a new datacenter.

The Puny Human, Dystopia and Blade Symphony websites may experience some downtime whilst we perform the move. All stats and rankings will be unavailable during the entirety of the move along with the Blade Symphony nightly and US West game servers.

Other services may also be unavailable during this time.

Downtime Start: Thursday, February 13th ~7pm (PST)

Downtime ETA: Several Hours

PST/PDT, Pacific Standard Time (US)

7:00p Thu, Feb 13 2014

GMT, Greenwich Mean Time

3:00a Fri, Feb 14 2014

NEW YORK, United States, New York

10:00p Thu, Feb 13 2014


Speaking of which, Flappy Bird or Goat Simulator?

The Dapper Patch #2356

February 10, 2014 by Flux


  • Intercept animation updated for female
  • Improved male shuffle animations (especially shuffle left)
  • Block animations now care about stance, specifically if the stance has the player facing to the left or right
  • Block animations now react to attacks
    Enough time to take a selfie


  • Gave jumps a more curved arc so as to not feel so “hit the ceiling” (see below)
  • Shuffle and Rolls now have a 0.3s cooldown after Attacking (re feedback on rolls, and shuffles being over-abused post-attack via Inathero, Water, Airlines). This is unaffected by Katana Feint. So don’t freak out. You know who you are.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed attack cancels to be used to ignore shuffle cooldown and vice versa (shuffle canceling bug)
Red line is the old jump and blue line is the new jump

Red line is the old jump and blue line is the new jump

A lot of work was put into refining how the jump feels. The problem was that after pushing the jump button, it felt like characters were hitting their peak a bit too quickly, and then basically stopping at the peak (see the red line above). The original intent was to make the jump feel instant, and powerful, but the limited jump height that we have no didn’t play very nicely with this. Hence, we’ve adjusted the curvature so that it takes slightly longer to reach the peak, but the downward slope and overall height (top graph) and distance (second graph) remain the same.

Side Cancels

  • Adjusted side canceling percentages so they’re more apparent. Seriously, how can someone play 500 hours and not have heard of this feature? Maybe we are failures at informing others of this feature? Anyway, see the new tutorial chapter.
  • Side canceling for fast changed from 50% to 60% (cancels 10% sooner)
  • Side canceling for balanced changed from 35% to 40%
  • Side canceling for heavy changed from 10% to 15%
  • This means that for most side attacks, they can be canceled into their other side counterpart slightly faster. This should empower all side attacks slightly, hopefully make stringing these moves together more responsive.


You get a buff! You get a buff! Everyone gets a buff!

You get a buff! You get a buff! Everyone gets a buff!

  • Sped up Judgement balanced 2 t1 to comp for openings against phalanx foil fasts
  • Moved Fast S3 T1 (running stab attack) to S3 T2 and swapped back in the old T1 animation (feedback re … a lot of players, but special thanks to ebunny for the great writeup)



Gentleman “Mask” by Hydra

  • Air stance now have a bit more turning (re feedback on Phalanx air’s current difficulty to use)
  • Air stance side attacks now cover more distance overall as it was being pretty useless as an anti-heavy tool, and hopefully more useful (re WhoArts feedback on their uselessness compared to Forward)
  • Modified air left so it can’t be abused too badly with feint
  • Reduced Balanced Strafing attacks (moveable sides) lock time from 1.0 to 0.8 for left, and 1.1 to 0.9 for right
  • Reduced Balanced Strafing attacks velocity pinching on the ground slightly and made the pinch happen closer to the end of the attack (re feedback on these moves being clunky)
  • Reduced lock time for Heavy Left all tiers so that Phalanx has a better heavy stance shield move (1.0 to 0.8, 1.4 to 0.9, and 1.4 to 1.2 for each tier respectively)
  • Increased fast stance knockback very slightly overall to give opponents more breathing room between fast pokes
  • Reduced knockback for Fast 4 T1 by a lot, since Phalanx already has the natural bounce-back on the move and movement abilities are no longer usable to deal with catching back up to Phalanx




  • New Pure Fast S1 T3 attack, an instant-start version of T1
  • New Pure Fast S2 T3 attack, a vertical attack with a follow-up
  • New Pure Fast S3 T3 sliding knock-down attack
  • New Pure Balanced S1 T2, which is a long-held version of T1 used as a better tracer parry block
  • New Pure Balanced S2 T2, a slower version of T1 dealing damage the whole way through
  • New Pure Balanced S3 T2, a slower version of T1 with tracers starting earlier and ending later
  • New Pure Balanced Right T2, a slower version of T1 with active tracers nearly the entire animation
  • Updated Pure Heavy Stance upper body animation


  • Trimmed air side attacks so they don’t linger on the ground
  • Added a bit more land-lock time for Ryoku air side attacks (0.75s to 0.9s)


  • Renamed to Rapier (requested by lots of people who actually use the weapon IRL) (rest of stats, website, etc still needs to be updated)
  • Increased parry recovery time for the Parry user on forward attacks from 125% to 130%
  • Decreased knock-back on Foil from 25% to 15%
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing back+attack to escape the parry recovery penalty


  • Forward damage increased from 75% to 80%


  • Disabled tracer refraction effect when shader settings are on low/med


  • Leagues now update immediately after duels


  • Fixed unapproved items not showing up on local player
  • Fixed a workshop crash when publishing items
  • Fixed an issue where masks for Phalanx were not working
  • Fixed mask icons in menu not refreshing if item was subscribed while customization screen is open


  • Community map updates (storage room, rooftops) and fixed some clipping issues
  • Fixed camera passing through deck fencing on free_winter


  • Added initial version of Canceling tutorial chapter, covers side canceling, feint canceling, and air canceling.
  • Swapped some wording in the tutorial.


  • AI Practice mode will now randomize the practice opponent’s character
  • The bot now randomizes stances
  • Removed intro camera from Bot practice


  • Updated credits
  • Hello reddit


Patch #2276

January 29, 2014 by Flux


  • Items now have an “approved” tag, which controls whether or not you will see them in game. To see ALL items regardless of approval go to Settings->Game->Workshop and set Workshop items on other players from Approved to All.
  • Workshop items gain approval by having a moderator flag it as approved.
  • workshopapprove


  • Reduced jump height
  • Reduced jump distance
  • Slowed down shuffle slightly
  • Slightly increased jump delay
  • Reduced side canceling for Heavy Stances from 25% of animation to 10% of animation (less canceling). Affects Pure and Judgement since only they can cancel heavy into other heavies.
  • Increased recovery time when hit in air from 0.3s to 0.5s


  • No more gliding (Phalanx Air String 1)
  • Sped up Air side attacks very slightly to compensate for new telegraphing, adjusted land-lock times accordingly
  • Fixed Phalanx Air String 1 landing animation
  • Phalanx Balanced Left / Right mobile T1 attacks recover slightly faster (0.2 seconds)


  • Fixed Judgement Balanced S1 T1 so initial tracers are usable (and increased locktime very slightly)
  • Reduced length of tracer for Judge Heavy Left / Right Tier 1
  • Replaced Fast S3 T1 with a double stab running move (glap closing tool)



  • Sped up Fast Left T1
  • Sped up Balanced Right T1
  • Sped up Balanced S3 T1


  • Reduced Guard tracer width from 15 to 5

Hero Mode

  • Non-heroes only deal 50% damage in hero mode
  • T3 attacks now only interrupt Hero
  • T1-T2 attacks do not stun or interrupt the hero at all


  • made sm30 only shaders fall back to wireframe if unsupported
  • added lowend command ‘-lowgpu’ which completely prevents allocation and rendering of enw effects
  • resources for workshop approval
  • Community map models and textures
  • Recompiled Community for better fps

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed community missing textures
  • Default vsync to false
  • Feint effects prediction fixes

Hotfix Patch 2250

January 26, 2014 by Flux

We’ve got a hotfix for two issues, patching into your game right now.

  • Phalanx Air Sides
    • Added more telegraph before the animation starts and slightly longer lock times upon landing
  • Feint sound volume and sharpness reduced
  • Fixed an issue where feint sfx would play rapidly over and over again on high ping

Let us know what you like or don’t like on the forums.

Blade Symphony update #2243

January 25, 2014 by Michael Zehnich

Blade Symphony update #2243

Hey all we have a lot of new updates for you in this patch!

AI Opponent


You can now practice with bots under Training->AI Opponent. It’s an initial prototype, we’ll expand more on the features of the training bot soon.


Per Pixel Motion Blur


Biohazard has been working on some graphical improvements to the game. Per pixel motion blur applied onto players make animations look more fluid and dynamic.

Ambient Occlusion


The new ambient occlusion options (HBAO) allow the levels to ‘pop’ a bit more by creating shadows between crevices.


Workshop Masks


Players can now publish and share custom masks. Check them out on the Steam Workshop!




We’ve revamped how the ladder works. Players are now divided into leagues based on their ELO percentile. Only same league matches are ranked, which prevents farming low level players, as well as shiny new icons you can earn in your stats profile page. We’ve also taken out the GLICKO time-based system, so you earn points regardless of last time played.



  • Workshop now supports masks
  • FFA now ranked by default
  • Community optimization and detailing: storefronts, landing pad, etc.
  • Added leagues Oak, Iron, Steel, Diamond, Master and changed the ranking system
  • Players now only gain or lose ranking when dueling within their league
  • Scoreboard now shows league instead of rank



  • Removed speed multiplier for dash animation, duration is now derived from animtime
  • Increased shuffle animation speed by ~20%
  • Made roll move scale 0.8 so that rolls can move up to 5 squares
  • Throwing star animation made faster, from 1.2s to 0.9s
  • Swapped Ryoku fast string 4 t1 with t2, reduced “new” t1 lock time to 0.4s (from 0.5), gave it knockback 0.8
  • Swords:
    • Swapped sword properties between Katana and Longsword (block tech and stats)
    • Removed longer charge duration length from Katana
    • Feint functionality revamped to allow for the feinting/canceling of attacks in progress before the tracer comes out
    • Feint cancels string now
    • Feint now has a particle and sound effect
    • Made block angle from 90 degrees to 120 degrees
    • Intercept now applies constant stun for 1 second
    • Reduced intercept movement by 35%
    • Reduced intercept locktime from 1.0 to 0.8
  • Judgement:
    • Balanced S1T1 lock time reduced from 0.4 to 0.3
    • Heavy S2T1 lock time reduced from 0.9 to 0.85
    • Heavy Left T1 lock time reduced from 1.6 to 1.2
    • Heavy Right T1 lock time reduced from 2.2 to 1.7
  • Phalanx:
    • Air S1T1 land-lock duration reduced from 0.55 to 0.15
    • Air Left T1 land-lock duration reduced from 0.75 to 0.3
    • Air Left T2 land-lock duration reduced from 0.75 to 0.5
    • Air Right T1 land-lock duration reduced from 0.75 to 0.3
    • Air Right T2 land-lock duration reduced from 0.75 to 0.3
  • Pure:
    • Added Pure fast right t3, forward s2 t2, s3 t2
    • Pure Balanced S1T1 tracers start earlier and end earlier
    • Pure air side:
    • Reduced move scale from 1.0 to 0.8
    • Lock duration increased from 0.7 to 0.9
    • Land-lock duration increased from 0.3 to 0.4


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed air stance locking longer than attack locktime (made string counter reset and caused incorrect stance transitions)
  • Fix string cancel by charge jumping
  • Fixed crash related to offline mode


Audio and Visuals

  • FFA outlines is now an option
  • Sit animation now only tries to stand up when certain actions are performed (not scoreboard etc.)
  • Added per-pixel motion blur and a corresponding video option
  • Added ambient occlusion (HBAO) and a corresponding video option
  • Added camera options for lag and velocity
  • New Judgement voice
  • New tracer trail particle effect



Blade Symphony update #2071

December 20, 2013 by Michael Zehnich

Hi everyone, update revision #2071 is live for Blade Symphony. Included are lots of balance changes, spectator music, Ryoku’s voice, a sit animation, better controller support and more. Here’s the changelog:



  • Added a new property airspeedscale for attack speed velocity scaling when in the air
  • This scaling is applied to the following attacks (all strafing attacks)
    • Judgement: Heavy Left T1, Heavy Right T1
    • Phalanx: Balanced Left T1, Balanced Right T1
    • Pure: Fast Right T1, Balanced Left T1
  • Enabled feint in the air
  • Re-enabled air stance lock for attacks with landing animations
    • As a result, air stance side attacks are not side-cancelable
  • Made side cancel for fast from 0.75 to 0.5
  • Made side cancel for balanced 0.5 to 0.35
  • Changed fatigue settings to what they were before patch 2002 (except for running)
    • bb_fatigue_postattack_duration from 1.1 to 0.5
    • bb_fatigue_levels from 3 to 5
  • Made rolls not as affected by fatigue
  • Made getting hit not affect your turn speed
  • Fixed tracer intersection preview not working in ffa without private duel
  • Added command for Bot sparring in the tutorial menu.
  • Rolling sideways now uses the roll forward animation, to the sides


Graphics & Sound

  • Added spectator music (Tom Stoffel FTW)
  • Added sit action (‘meditate’), bind in controls
  • Made roll forward versions of left and right
  • Pure heavy and fast run upper body animations
  • Changes to Pure, Phalanx, Announcer vox
  • Replaced Ryoku vox
  • Added announcer toggle to game options
  • Adding fast food store for community
  • Pulse shop for community
  • Community misc. detail and optimization, skybox



  • Made scimitar multi-hit damage from 7 to 6

Katana / Scimitar:

  • Made Blocking (Katana, Scimitar) not turnable
  • Reduced angle of block from 180 degrees to 90 degrees


  • Foil guard delay from 0.5s to 0.15s


  • Air left move scale from 0.65 to 0.5
  • Air right move scale from 0.75 to 0.6
  • Balanced left lock duration from 1.0 to 1.2
  • Balanced right lock duration from 1.15 to 1.3
  • Fast sides lock duration from 0.35 to 0.5
  • Fast side tracers now cover in front of him
  • Fast forward s3 t2 tracers now starts up later
  • Updated Phalanx balanced left, right, heavy right, heavy left, heavy forward (all tier 1) so that they swing faster and adjusted timings
  • Phalanx: improved heavy left t1 and heavy right t1 animations so they are snappier
  • Phalanx: improved heavy forward s1 t1 animation
  • Phalanx: made balanced left t1 and balanced right t1 swing faster
  • Phalanx S1 T1 lock duration from 0.7 to 0.9 and knockback scale from 1.0 to 1.3 (Dino/Taz)
  • Phalanx S1 T2 lock duration from 0.6 to 0.8 and knockback scale from 1.0 to 1.4 (Dino/Taz)
  • Added airspeedscale for Pure fast right t2 (thanks eBunny)
  • Adding a bit of locktime to phalanx air forward landing from 0.35 to 0.55
  • Updated animation for phalanx air forward


  • Fast side move scale from 1.0 to 0.7 (less movement)
  • Fixed fast 2 t1 tracer
  • New air left t1, air right t1
  • Reduced damage for air left/right t2 attacks from 24 to 18
  • Reduced damage for air left/right t3 attacks from 30 to 22
  • Changed air right t2 and t3 animations to be same as t1 whirlwind
  • Air side now has landing lock-time of 0.75s
  • Air right now uses the correct landing animation


  • New fast left T2 and fast right T2
  • New fast S1 T2
  • Fast right T3 now uses T2 animation


  • Reduced velocity pinch for Judgement Heavy Left

Joystick support:

  • Fixed joystick camera overwriting viewangle locking
  • Fixed dash/shuffle/directional attacks not being affected by joy movement
  • Fixed joystick inversion controls in UI
  • Added axis mapping to config_joy_default
  • Added 360controller.cfg which is auto executed when joystick is enabled
  • Fixed spectator controls for joystick
  • Added gameui_toggle command for joystick
  • Implemented joy controls in customization screen
  • Added joy cmd to turn 180 degrees
  • Added main menu button links for joystick