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What is Blade Symphony?

Blade Symphony is a multi-player tactical sword fighting game that runs on Valve’s Source Engine.

It’s a precise, skill-based third-person action game. The gameplay focuses around dueling, so reading your opponent’s intent and breaking their defenses and parries is key to winning a duel.

Sword paths are traced dynamically as you attack. Each character has over forty-attacks each doing something different with the sword, which is then used for parrying so you can use moves that are wide-sweeping for intercepting someone’s attack, or thrusting attacks that get straight to the point. As a player you get to decide how flat or vertical your attack is going to be, and then angle it while it’s happening.

Fighting styles range from kenjutsu, fencing, to nonsense break-dancing sword fighting, and is inspired by martial arts in cinema and animation.


There are currently five playable characters. Each character has over forty different moves in three fighting stances (plus an air ‘stance’).

Some characters are designed to be long distance fighters good at parrying and thrust attacks, while others over-power with strong side arcing attacks.


You can then pair your character choice up with one of  five different and deadly sword types. The sword type can drastically change how you play a character, for example fencing swords are amazing at parries but lack a good defensive maneuver. It’s up to you how you want to pair characters with sword type to create your own style of fighting.


Game Modes

In addition to 1v1 there is a team 2v2 mode, a purposefully unfair 2v1 mode,  a Sandbox FFA mode that includes private duels, a “Hero” mode and a Capture Point mode.


Unlockable Cosmetic Items

The game has unlockables but there are no unlockable gameplay advantages. Everything that you can buy with Notes (in-game money you earn from playing and betting) only earn you cosmetic items. These items include masks, skins, swords, and capes.

Is it available? Can anyone play?

Yes, Blade Symphony is available on both Steam and Humble as well as several other online vendors.

What systems can play the game?

Blade Symphony has been developed primarily for Windows PC. OS X and Linux versions are a possibility in the future.

Who made Blade Symphony?

Blade Symphony has been in development for over five years. It started life as a Half-Life 2 modification titled “Project Berimbau” in April, 2008.

The development team is composed of two teams of former modders who joined forces.

The first team were the people behind Project Berimbau, a Half-Life 2 total conversion mod that aimed to re-create Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast’s dueling sub-genre of sword fighting.


The second team consisted of the people behind Dystopia, released in September, 2005. Formerly known as Team Dystopia, the creators of one of the first, longest-lived, and award-winning Half-Life 2 total conversion mods and a hit with the indie and modding community.


Together both teams merged and became Puny Human, an independent and international studio born out of the modding community.

In 2011 they set out to make Blade Symphony a commercial title after having done mods for over five years. To do this they needed a license for Valve’s Source Engine because the game was already built on Source. And so they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money for an engine license.


This was before Kickstarter got really big with games, so Puny Human asked for a very modest sum to supplement the cost of an engine license. The developers paid the remainder of the cost out of their own pocket.

Most developers at the time either had full-time/part-time jobs or worked on Blade Symphony in-between studying for College/University, and so game development was slow but steady. The entire development cost was paid for by the team themselves through their own spare time.


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(In-game shot of a duel on Monastery, one of the maps in Blade Symphony)


(In-game shot of a duel on District, one of the maps in Blade Symphony)


(The character and sword selection screen, along with skin customization)


(Ryoku, a fast, underhanded, break-dancing sword fighter)

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