Reporting Crashes with .mdmp files

First up thanks for taking the time to help us solve crashes and fix bugs

Blade Symphony just crashed on me, what do i do, how do i stop it happening?

Depending on the issue, it will be either intermittant or constant due to a bug, either way, the best way to fix it is to tell us all about it.

Most of the time, when the game crashes, a file is created that we can use to find and fix the bug responsible for the crash.

This file is called an mdmp file, (mdmp = mini dump, This file is like the black box recorder, it contains the last few moments before the program crashed)

Where is the file ?

Regardless of where you have steam installed, it will be in the root of the blade symphony folder

%steamdir%\steamapps\common\Blade Symphony\

So if you have steam installed in D:\Steam , the dump file will be in

D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Blade Symphony

Heres the how it looks in Windows Explorer

dumplocationThe only file we need to concern ourselves with here is the ‘berimbau_XXXX_Crash_XXXX.mdmp file, yours will definitely look a bit different but it will say berimbau at the start and be a .mdmp file you will have one for each time You’ve crashed (hopefully you wont have many),  if you sort the files by date, the most recent one will have a timestamp that matches when you crashed

Okay I’ve found it, now what ?

Now we need to get it from you to us, first upload the file somewhere, you could use dropbox if or or whatever your favourite file sharing site is, then with your file uploaded and a link to it, hit up our getsatisfaction page, go to and click on ‘report a problem’ , you may have to login to getsat to do this.



Then fill out in the text box below and describe the issue, and dont forget to link to the .mdmp file you uploaded


You can check back on the bug you posted by going back to the getsat page and see if we have any information for you to fix the bug, or if the bug will be fixed in the next update