Blade Symphony Support

We have a handful methods to help make your game experience better.

Get Satisfaction

We use GetSatisfaction for a bunch of stuff including bug reporting, ideas/suggestions, asking questions and even just giving us a pat on the back.


We have an IRC channel for you to hang out with and chat with other people whenever you want, perfect for realtime communication with developers and other players.

If you’re new to IRC, an easy way to get started is with mibbit

If you are familiar with IRC and want to connect via an IRC Client, here’s the information you’ll need to connect.

Description: GameSurge
IRC Server: or (other regional servers are available)
IRC Channel: #punyhuman
Port(s): 6667
Group: GameSurge

IRC Guide

Here’s a simple guide for joining IRC, this guide is written with the common IRC client MiRC in-mind, other IRC clients are available and the steps required may differ.

Registering a nickname (GameSurge uses AuthServ instead of nickserv)
Go here to register an account:

Setting up a Perform List
Okay, what everyone needs and wants, is a perform list. This is probably the most needed thing in any IRC Client, especially in MiRC. A Perform list is a list of commands that will automatically run everytime you join a server. First, lets find our perform list.
File -> Options -> Connect -> Options -> “Perform” Button

First off, you want to make sure the Enable perform on connect checkbox is selected. Then you want to add the GameSurge Network. Do this by clicking the Add button and finding the GameSurgegroup. Once you have GameSurge selected in the Network dropdown box, copy the following into the Perform Commands textbox:

/timer 1 10 /join #punyhuman
Add other channels as appropriate

You want to change [YOURNICKNAME] to whatever nickname we registered earlier, and [YOURPASSWORD] to whatever password we registered with the nickname earlier.

You’re set, all done.

Setting up Highlights
Alt+B opens the address book. Go to the highlights tab and click “Add.”
Add all of the variations of your nickname separated by commas without spaces. For instance:
Set the different options if you want MiRC to give you visual or audio notifications on whether someone has said these words. You can also use highlighting if you’re interested if someone is talking about a game you like “IE: call of duty 4, call,of,duty,4″ but that will also trigger the event every time someone types “4”

Discussion Forums

We also have a discussion forum including an area for players to share any cool workshop swords, masks, skins or maps they’ve created for Blade Symphony.

The key three parts of the forum for Blade Symphony players are:

  • Blade Symphony News – Our news forum where Blade Symphony news is posted.
  • Blade Symphony Discussion – The discussion part of the forum for players to chat about everything Blade Symphony related.
  • 3rd Party/Workshop Development – The part of the forum dedicated to 3rd party or Workshop creations, this covers workshop masks, swords, skins, maps, and anything else created by players for Blade Symphony.

Steam Community Hub

Last but by no means least is Blade Symphony’s Steam Community Hub. The Community Hub showcases all of the latest discussion from Blade Symphony’s Steam Forum, as well as showing off player’s Screenshots, Artwork, Videos, and Workshop items.

  • Discussion, The discussion part of the Community Hub for players to chat about everything Blade Symphony related.
  • Screenshots, Where all of the weird and wonderful screenshots taken from Blade Symphony are automatically displayed.
  • Images, Blade Symphony artwork created by players is displayed here.
  • Broadcasts, Watch Live broadcasts from players who are currently playing Blade Symphony. Drop in, watch them play and chat!
  • Videos, Player recorded videos from Blade Symphony can be found here. Warning! May contain weird!
  • Workshop, Swords, Skins, Masks and Maps made by Blade Symphony players can all be found on here and subscribed to, to play with in-game.
  • News, Blade Symphony in the press! Articles and features that have covered Blade Symphony are linked to from here.
  • Announcements, Annoucements regarding Blade Symphony are posted in here, check often for the latest Blade Symphony news!
  • Guides, Having trouble rising the ladder or just looking for different strategies? Check out these guides written by Blade Symphony players.
  • Reviews, Unsure about buying Blade Symphony and looking to read about experiences from players, or just not a fan of the the reviews from game media? Then take a look in this section.